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2012 Logs

January 2012

January 8, 2012 – Caribbean Islands

Happy New Year!!!!!  The crew Imagine wishes all of you an exciting and happy 2012.  We were blessed this year to ring in the New Year with our good friends, the Paczosa family.  Scott, Martha, Taylor, Connor, and Dillon arrived in St. Martin on Dec. 28 and we had a wonderful week catching up with good friends. 

In the week that we were together we went to the islands of St. Martin, St. Barts, and Anguilla and soaked up all that these Caribbean paradises had to offer. 

Some of the highlights included: 

St. Barts:  The Who’s Who of mega yachts are always at St. Barts for New Year’s Eve so we got to see how the other side lives up close.  Although almost all of the yachts made Imagine look like a toy day sailor, the largest at 557 ft long was Eclipse.  Owned by Russian Tycoon, Abramovich, it is the largest privately owned yacht in the World and with its own missile defense system no one is going to bother it. 

Anguilla:  Just north of St. Martin, Anguilla is about as laid back as you can get in the Caribbean.  Life is all about the beautiful waters, soft sand beaches, and beach bars.  What wasn’t to love???

St. Martin:  St. Martin/St. Marteen is actually one island divided down the middle into two countries – the Dutch side and the French side.  With the fabulous food and shopping, we spent most of our time on the French side.  This is where we rung in the New Year and how wonderful it was to celebrate with our great friends. 

The kids had a blast swimming and swinging off of Imagine, boogie boarding on the wild surf, snorkeling, and just hanging out while the adults loved catching up after such a long time.  Although it was sad to see our friends leave, we know that we will be seeing them much more often now that we are back in this part of the world. 


January 26, 2012 – Caribbean Islands

Margot Adams, Marc’s Mom passed away today. 

It was just a short while ago that Fred & Margot were visiting us in the Balearic Islands of Spain.  Shortly after they got back to the states, she went to the emergency room with severe headaches and discovered brain tumors & cancer throughout her body.  It was a short lived battle with no chance of beating.  She endured 14 intensive rounds of whole brain radiation & several weeks of chemotherapy, but in an incredible short 3 months, she’s gone. 

Marc was able to visit her in November when we first learned about mom, and the whole family, including all her grandkids celebrated Christmas together in Naples, FL.  Marc went home to spend 10 days with Margot & Fred just recently before she passed.

We are so thankful that Margot and Fred were able to visit us on Imagine three times on our adventure; in Tonga, Thailand, and Spain.  Margot embraced our lifestyle with energy, encouragement, and love and supported us the whole way.  She was an incredibly caring, energetic, and generous person who will be missed by all who knew her well.