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Click on one of our pictures below to go to our own page where you can learn about what is going on in our world, check out some of the latest photo's and what we are learning along the way.  Also take a look at the link at the bottom that appeared in a cruising magazine & info on homeschooling








Fox Glacier - South Island, NZ

We aren't the only kids with parents crazy enough to live aboard a boat and set sail.  We've met and made lots of friends on other 'Kid Boats' along the way.  Click here to see some of our friends from all over the world.



The kids have been treasure hunting throughout the islands, and while anchored in Benures Bay on Norman Island, the kids left a treasure of their own for future young treasure hunters to explore and find.  Keep an eye out for the treasure map and details and if you find yourself with kids in the BVI, make sure you find the X in the rock, climb up a bit, and find the treasure, the note, and let the kids know!!!

Home Schooling

For those of you who know us well, you can guess that Jane is the teacher and Marc is the principal in School Adams.  After a lengthy search, we decided on the first program that we looked at Calvert Homeschool or known in our home as School in a Box and it is one big box. The program includes everything that we will need for 4th, 3rd, and K for every subject for the year.   We started the program this fall and so far so good.  After a few arguments and tears (from Jane and the kids) we are settling in to Mom as the teahcer.  Jane is enjoying it even more than she expected.  I have learned so much already about the way my children learn, their strengths, and challenges that I don't think I could've known in our previous life.  Although the program seems to be great by far the best education is going to come from the life and travel experiences that we will have together.  "Everything is a teaching opportunity". 

The Caribbean Cruising magazine 'All At Sea' interviewed "Imagine" for a homeschooling article.  Click the link below to check out the article