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Welcome to the New & Improved Grant's Gazette!!  Lots of pictures, thoughts & musings for you all to enjoy.  I'll try my best to keep it current....but don't blame me of course!

Hi, I'm Grant and I was 8 years old when I left - I'm now 10!!!  The Galapagos were awesome & Noah and I think we'll work there during the winter when we are older.  Now, I can't wait to see the Pyramids in Egypt.   When I am living on the boat, I want a pet turtle and a bunny but not a cat.  While I am gone I am going to miss Eely (my pet snowflake eel), my house, my family (including Lauren) and my friends but I hope that I make new cruising friends and I want everyone to visit us!

 Chicago - Oct 08


Australia- Aug 2010 


  Spanish VI-Dec 08

The Pyramids of Egypt! Very COOL

NZ- Dec 09

We aren't the only kids with parents crazy enough to live aboard a boat and set sail.  We've met and made lots of friends on other 'Kid Boats' along the way.  Click here to see some of our friends from all over the world.

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Flag of Cyrus the Great (559 BC)

August 2, 2011 – Cavtat, Croatia

Croatia has seen many wars.  They just recently had a fight for freedom that lasted for five years.  Then in December of 1995, they stopped fighting and finally had peace. 

The most fun that we had in Croatia was hanging out with our friend named Martin.  He taught me how to do a back dive and a back flip.  For me a back flip is easier than a front flip.  Martin dove off of his spreader and the splash was huge.  We wouldn’t always swim.  Sometimes we tied up the boats.  Martin taught us a new way to play Uno.  Martin was the champ.

The only thing that I didn’t like were all of the charterers.  One cruiser boat even got hit by a charter boat.  It was very crowded so the charter boats would get too close.  But we haven’t gotten hit, yet.  Knock on wood.

We also liked the castles.  We could climb all over them.  Sometimes there were only a couple of columns.  They were awesome.

August 8, 2011 – Taormina, Sicily

One day while anchored Dad and I decided to go on a nine mile walk to Castelmola.  On the walk we talked.  We would talk about any thing that popped up in our mind.  Like what happens to Easter candy that you save, or my birthday, or Christmas even Wii.  Surprisingly, Dad was really interested when I was talking about Wii.

When we got to the top we saw a castle.  There wasn’t much but a wall held up by a bunch of cables.  On the way back we stopped for ice cream in Taormina.  We shared a medium size bowl.  We picked two flavors, I picked lemon (of course) and Dad picked boysenberry.  It was delicious.  I thought the combo was perfect.

When we got back I looked at the clock.  We were walking for three hours.  It felt like we were walking for a third of that time.  I guess time flies when you’re having fun. J

May 10, 2011 - Israel
King Herod built a roman city called Caesarea in 10 B.C. King Herod’s dream was to build a city and in 12 years this magnificent city was built. This city had a hippodrome, theater, a temple, bath house, and a huge harbor.

Most of the barbaric sports of the time were fought in the hippodrome.  Animal fighting, slaves being forced to fight tigers, lions, and bears, would have been the worst, I think.  They also held chariot races there but they were not as scary except that people still died by falling out of chariots and being trampled. 

People in Caesarea fought many, many wars.  Much of the structures destroyed in the battles.  The Crusaders built a very large church there but it was destroyed by the Muslims in the 1200’s.  

Caesarea is now a lot more humane with no gladiator fights or chariot races.  Some of the buildings are still there and it is a National Park and tourist attraction.  It has an educational movie theatre and many of the buildings are in use today.  They even use the ancient amphitheatre for plays and concerts.

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