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Welcome to the Newly Improved Noah's News!!  I may be the youngest, but I've got lots to say!!  Enjoy my photos and hope you like my blog!

Hi, I'm Noah.  I'm a really good swimmer and I want to swim with the dolphins on our trip.  I'm 8 years old now and I have 3 Webkinz who are sailing with me.  Playing legos with Grant is one of my favorite things to do.  Since we left, I have always wanted to see the Sphynx in Egypt (Done That!!).   When I grow up I want to be a professional soccer player and run tours in the Galapagos.
US Virgin Islands - January 2009
Wellington, NZ - Feb 2010

4th of July, 2011 - Greece

Bonaire - Feb 2009
8 IS GREAT - Muscat, Oman Feb 2011
San Blas Islands - March 2009
I'm at the Sphinx in Egypt - Apr 2011
We aren't the only kids with parents crazy enough to live aboard a boat and set sail.  We've met and made lots of friends on other 'Kid Boats' along the way.  Click here to see some of our friends from all over the world.

August 15, 2011 – Procida, Italy

We saw a volcano and it was active.  The volcano is called Stromboli.  We went by boat and it was dark.  It is 924m high and that is big. 

There was another volcano and it was called Vulcano.  We hiked up to it.  And there were hot springs but they were gross.  By the way the volcano was stinky.  The stink was from the sulfur. 

August 2, 2011 – Croatia

The first people that settled here were Croats in 500 AD.  It is 56,542 sq KM.  This is slightly smaller than West Virginia.  Did you know that it was once Yugoslavia?  But now its Independence Day in June 25, 1991.

In Croatia we had a lot of fun playing in the clear water.  It was fun playing and swimming in the water.  Martin even jumped from his spreader.  I learned how to dive.  It was fun playing with Martin and my family.

We played a lot of Uno.  We had a sleepover with Martin.  And Martin and Dad raced in Wii.  Grant and I played Lego and we had a lot of fun.

We saw folk dancing and an old fountain.  There was a big fireworks show.  We walked around the walled city.  There was a really bad 3D show.  We picked a lot of berries on our 5 mile walk. We ate a lot of pizza and cevapcici (Croatian Meatballs).  There was a naked guy on a jet ski. 

It was fun playing with Martin in Croatia. 

June 2011 – Greek Architecture

We saw Greek buildings in Turkey.  There were three types of columns.  The Doric is the most plain.  The Ionic is famous for its scrolls.  The Corinthian is quite fancy.  The Doric and Ionic columns were seen in Greece.  The Corinthian were seen in Rome.  The columns held up the roof.  They were built with marble.  The marble is called Elgin marble but I have no idea why they call it that. 

The largest and most famous Greek building is the Parthenon.  They put sculptures in the buildings.  The Greeks built temples, theaters, gymnasia, and stoas.

They carved with hand tools that were better than our tools today.  They use pulleys, ropes, and shackles to lift parts of the buildings. 

May 10, 2011 - Israel

In Israel, we went on a trip to the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea is 1300 meters under sea level.  Because it was really salty you could float on top of the water.  You could even run on the water (not really).  It was so salty that all of the rocks had dried salt on them and looked white.  The salt burned our skin a little bit so we showered right after we got out of the water.  Then we had to change in the car.  It was hard to change.  We had a fun trip to the Dead Sea. 

 April 10, 2011 - Egypt

The Great Sphinx is 66 feet tall and 200 feet long.  It is the largest ancient statue ever carved in stone.  It was made in about 2500 BC which is 4000 years ago.  Pharaoh  Khafre built it so that he can look over the valley.  It has the body of a lion and the face of Pharaoh Kaffra.  They think that it was made to be the pharaoh’s companion.  It is made of limestone.  Its face and its nose were damaged by people that had a different religion.   The word “sphinx” means living image in Greek. 

I had wanted to see the Great Sphinx since I left Chicago.  It was so cool and super fun.  I hope that can see it again some day.

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