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2012 Logs


May 2012

May 2012 – Bahamas

Since we returned to the Caribbean, we have thought that we would be ending our adventure this year and returning to the “real” world.  However, the closer the time comes to return to the good ole’ US the more apprehensive we are becoming and the more questions that we have.  Is it time to go back?  Why?  Should we stay out another year?  Would the kids be better off in a traditional school?  Where would we go if we stayed out another year?  If we do move off of the boat, where will we live?   What will we do?  Although these questions have been running through our heads for the last few months, it is now time that we absolutely have to answer them.   But what will we do?

The kids are torn on their desires.  Caroline who is fast approaching 13 is very excited and anxious to get back to the ‘real’ world.  Although she enjoys cruising, she is now one of the older kids out here and it’s time for her to develop a group of girlfriends.  Noah, now 9, wants to live on the boat forever.  The cruising life is a little boy’s dream.  Grant, 11, is mixed.  He misses things about home, having a consistent friend network, and is curious about traditional school but he still really enjoys life aboard.  As for Marc and I, it’s hard to believe but I seem to be the one dragging my heels.  Although I miss my family very much, I really absolutely love the time and experiences that I get to share with Marc and the kids.  Three and a half years ago when we left Chicago, I NEVER would have believed that I would actually want to extend the trip another year but here I am seriously considering it. 

In late April, our renters that have lived in our home for the last 3 years told us that they REALLY needed to know if we were returning because they wanted to stay for another year.  We struggled making a decision for so long and they needed to tell their new landlords so they gave us their notice.  Sooooo, now with our wonderful old home and Marc’s job waiting for us, it was getting more and more difficult not to commit to going back to Chicago.  But we were still having fun, loving the cruising lifestyle and friends, and the idea of returning to the rat race had very little appeal.  Well, maybe Imagine won’t sell quickly and we’ll be “forced” to live on her for another year……


May 2012 – BACK IN THE USA!!!!!!!  Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Pulling into the harbor at Ft. Lauderdale, we all couldn’t help feeling a bit strange to return to mainland USA after 3 ½ years.  In one way it felt comfortable and exciting but in another way it felt foreign and melancholy.  We were surprised to have our friends, Stu and Sandy from Heartsong, meet us in the channel in their dinghy and then Marc’s Dad, Fred, drove over from Naples to join us for a celebratory welcome home dinner.  But then it was time to work.

Late during our time in the Bahamas, we were contacted by Japanese man who had seen our ”For Sale by Owner” website and was very interested in Imagine.  Through his questions and research we quickly realized that he was a “real” buyer and that this could be “it”.  He was so committed that he and his wife made plans to fly from Japan on Memorial Weekend and have a survey, sea trial, and haul-out scheduled for that weekend.  We had A LOT to do before then. 

Although when you look at the pictures, Imagine doesn’t look that big, you cannot imagine how much stuff we had stored in her bilges, cabinets, etc. etc.  Although we tried to get rid of anything that we did not need along the way, a family of five accumulates a lot in almost four years.  So we rented a small storage unit in Ft. Lauderdale and started packing and cleaning.  With everyone helping out including Fred and the kids, slowly she started to sit a little higher in the water and look a little less “lived in”.  By the time that they arrived she looked as good as the day that we bought her….well almost. 

Florida_2012/IMG_1485.jpgDuring this time, we had a big day on Imagine – Caroline officially became a teenager turning 13 on May 18.  My beautiful little girl is a TEENAGER!  She actually got to have two birthday parties to celebrate.  The day before her birthday, we had a fun night of bowling and pizza with our boat friends:  Stu and Sandy from Heartsong, Terry, Voahanghy, Marc, and Anne from Voahanghy, and Grandpa Fred.  Then she was so excited to celebrate with her friend from Chicago, Zoe, who flew to Ft. Lauderdale with her mom, Mary, to be with us for the celebration.  It was full of shopping, ear piercing, and makeup – exactly what you would expect.  Thanks to the Varga girls for making the trip to make Caroline’s BDay special! 

So with Imagine looking absolutely amazing, Yoshi, his wife, and the inspector arrived on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.  The survey went extremely well with Imagine showing her true colors and what makes HR’s some of the best cruising boats on the market.  Yoshi and his wife loved Imagine and committed to returning to the US in early June to purchase her.  Wow – we can’t believe that this is happening so quickly. 

Although the deal isn’t completed yet, the emotions are starting to flow.  It’s a mix between relief that we may actually sell quickly in this economy to anxiety that we will soon be experiencing the chaos of the “real” world to sadness that this incredible adventure is nearing an end. 

But for now, we are just too busy to really think about it.  We still have years of our lives to pack up, moving vans to coordinate, bilges to clean, a contract to create, insurance to transfer, oh yeah, and a school year to finish.  We’ll get emotional when it is all over.