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2008 Logs

March 2008
The Adams’ crew goes to sail the San Juan Islands on Imagine.  OK, we know that most people from Chicago go to warm places for Spring Break or maybe even skiing but no the Adams’ family decided it was a great time of year to sail the San Juan Islands, WA.  Despite a few rain showers, some 40 knot wind, and a little bit of cold we had a blast.  It is such an amazing place and we all enjoyed the natural beauty.  Aunt Lisa, Uncle Ernie, and cousin Carter joined us for Easter.  After a long discussion of whether the Easter Bunny was “sophisticated” enough to find us on the boat, the kids were excited to see the baskets full of candy and the teak deck proved to be a perfect hiding spot for colored eggs.  The highlight for all of us was meeting Popeye the seal.  Popeye is a wild seal that likes to play in the Friday Harbor.  The name Popeye is because she only has one eye.  She will come right up to the dock and wait to be fed fresh fish.  The kids loved her and of course cried when we had to leave and wanted a stuffed Webkinz seal.  We also got to have some fun in Seattle at Pike’s Market and the Space Needle.  We were a little soggy when we got home but all in all the first family trip on Imagine was a hit.  Marc and I are excited to tell the kids about the adventures to come.